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Our Half Dome Safety Mirrors offer maximum visibility and a full 180 degree view.  These mirrors are ideal for 3 way intersections or for retail premises for enhanced security.

Size: 450mm Half Dome Mirror

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Our 450mm dome mirror makes an ideal security mirror and safety mirror, protecting people against accidents in offices, warehouses and public areas.  They are also a valuable security device in retail and commercial applications and can help prevent theft in shops, malls and public areas.

Our Half Dome Security Mirror offers maximum visibility and a full 180 degree view.

These mirrors are ideal for 3 way intersections or for retail premises for enhanced security.

  • Improved visibility for T-intersections
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install (supplied with fixings)


Selecting the right size of mirror is important. The table below gives a good indication to the viewing distances each mirror is suited for.

Work out your combined viewing distance by adding the distance from the viewer to the mirror and the distance from the mirror to the object/person to be viewed (see below image). Match this distance with the chart below to obtain the right size mirror for your application. If in doubt, always choose the larger size mirror.

Combined Viewing Distance = A + B

Combined Viewing Distance ~ Mirror Diameter

Up to 8 metres 300mm
Up to 12 metres 450mm
Up to 20 metres 600mm
Up to 30 metres 800mm



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